Protect Victims and Keep Our Neighborhoods and Families Safe

Kim Foxx has failed to protect our families and neighborhoods.

When presented with compelling evidence of criminal wrongdoing during felony review, Kim Foxx has refused to charge more cases than any of her predecessors. Once cases are in the system, she’s dismissed 65% more cases than her predecessor, leading to her only taking 173 cases to trial last year compared to over 500 per year before she took office. On the rare occurrence Kim Foxx actually tries cases, she loses nearly half of the time, compared to previous state’s attorneys who won as many as 80-85% of their cases and US Attorneys who win over 90% of their cases.

This failure has a hidden cost to justice. When criminals and their defense attorneys know that the state’s attorney is so inept at securing justice, especially when going to trial, they have all the leverage in plea negotiations. There are countless examples of criminals in Cook County getting plea deals well below the judgment they should have received for their crimes.

At every step in the legal process, Kim Foxx has failed. And that failure has made our neighborhoods and communities less safe across all of Cook County.

In 2020, we’ve seen looting and rioting in Chicago and throughout Cook County like we’ve never seen before. Criminals have carte blanche to pillage and burn our cities because Kim Foxx has declared publicly that there will be no consequences for their criminal behavior. Even her political allies, the Chicago mayor and police chief, blamed Kim Foxx for the continued lawlessness, because she’s actively thwarted every legitimate action they’ve taken to reduce the violence.

The latest surge in murders in Chicago is directly the result of Kim Foxx’s failures. She refused to charge over 100 murderers in 2019, more than double any prior state’s attorney, despite being presented with compelling evidence of their violent crimes by local law enforcement. While police struggle to get illegal guns off the streets, Kim Foxx dismisses more gun cases than any of her predecessors. It’s gotten so bad that the police and US Attorney’s office have taken the unprecedented step of bypassing the Cook County State’s Attorney in a desperate attempt to put gun crime offenders behind bars.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Kim Foxx’s failures. She refuses to charge retail theft, forcing law-abiding citizens to pay for the actions of lawbreakers. She dismisses narcotics cases as soon as they come into the system, without regard for how it’s proven that prosecuting those cases reduces violent crime. She fails to protect witnesses to violent gang crimes, leading to one witness being murdered by a hitman hired by a criminal against whom she testified. She even rejects efforts by law enforcement to partner in seeking justice, depriving police of key prosecutorial tools they require.

We must protect victims of crime and their families and stop protecting criminals at the expense of the law-abiding citizens of Cook County. It’s time we have a state’s attorney who is committed to the safety of our neighborhoods and families.

I will impose consequences for people who do wrong. I will vigorously pursue criminal cases to their resolution. I will target gangs, guns, and drugs, freeing our neighborhoods from their grip. I will ensure that criminal sentences are appropriate for the crimes committed. I will closely monitor defendants to ensure they are complying with their bond conditions.

It’s time that victims in Cook County receive justice and families feel safe once again.