O’Brien Announces Judicial Endorsements, Heads Into Election Day with Momentum

Retired Democrat and Republican Cook County Judges Support Pat O’Brien

From day one of his campaign for Cook County State’s Attorney, Judge Pat O’Brien has said that the best-run state’s attorney’s office would be apolitical and his campaign’s announcement of the endorsements from retired judges on both sides of the aisle shows the type of bipartisan support he spoke about.

Today Judge O’Brien added to his list of endorsements, 15 retired Cook County Judges who are Democrats, and another 5 retired Cook County Judges who are Republicans. These endorsements are groundbreaking in a campaign in Cook County where it is rare for even a single retired judge from either party to come out and endorse a candidate, especially one of the opposite political party and against an incumbent state’s attorney. 

O’Brien said, “These judges are supporting my campaign because they know the integrity and professionalism that I will bring to the job. These respected jurists know my character either through my role as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney, as Assistant Illinois Attorney General, as a Judge, or as a defense attorney. They have either worked with Kim Foxx’s office or have been watching her office closely over the last 4 years. What they unanimously see is that Kim Foxx has failed the people of Cook County. Violent crime is up, prosecution of crimes is down, the office terribly mishandled the Jussie Smollett situation, and the looting and rioting over this summer has shown that Kim Foxx is not capable of keeping Cook County residents safe.”

The O’Brien campaign has been breaking new ground since the beginning of its race against Kim Foxx. O’Brien has more endorsements than Foxx including a sitting Democratic Alderman who is a Biden delegate, has raised more money than Foxx, it’s up on TV, radio, and digital more than Foxx. O’Brien is humbled at the support as he heads into Election Day. 

“I understand that this has been an uphill battle since the beginning, but our campaign has Ms. Foxx completely on the defensive. Instead of debating me, she has hidden away for months with only a spokesperson to slander me and my campaign. She has refused to debate and when she ever speaks to the press her only move has been to deflect every problem she has created by trying to create a fictional narrative about me. Unlike Ms. Foxx, I can stand by my record, and the endorsements from newspapers, elected officials on both sides of the aisle, and our grassroots support shows we have the momentum in the race,” said O’Brien.

Below are the names of the 20 retired Cook County Judges that are supporting Pat O’Brien’s effort to fire Kim Foxx.

Last NameFirst NameParty
McSweeney MooreColleenDemocrat