Crack Down on Government and Political Corruption

I am running for Cook County State’s Attorney to end the corrupt policies of current State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

Under Kim Foxx, the politically connected receive special treatment. This was never more evident than in the Jussie Smollett case. Smollett was charged with clear evidence of faking a hate crime assault and filing a false police report, yet Kim Foxx schemed to have all charges dropped.

The handling of this case by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office was so egregious that a Cook County judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the actions of Kim Foxx and local officials. Former US Attorney Dan Webb, who is famous for rooting out and prosecuting corruption in Cook County, found “substantial abuses of discretion and operational failures,” that Kim Foxx and her office “breached its obligations of honesty and transparency by making false and/or misleading statements to the public,” and these actions and lies “may rise to the level of a violation of legal ethics by State’s Attorney Foxx.”

Kim Foxx’s corrupt actions benefited her political career at the expense of justice for the very people she is supposed to be protecting. You can never come back from such an obvious act of corruption. Every decision you and your office make from that point on, and even decisions you made previously, are now subject to being questioned. If you were willing to sacrifice justice for your selfish political ambition in this very public instance, what are you doing when no one is looking? And the more we dig into Kim Foxx’s record, the more we see examples of her making decisions based on a political agenda rather than the law.

Cook County residents deserve an apolitical state’s attorney whose only agenda is to pursue justice, and that’s why I’m running. I’m not a politician—I’m a former Cook County Judge, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney, Assistant Illinois Attorney General, and criminal defense attorney. I have spent my life securing justice for all. I’ve stood up to powerful politicians in both political parties, even when it meant sacrificing my career. Power brokers know that if they call me to try to influence my decision, I will go to a judge to get approval for a wiretap the next time they call me. As your state’s attorney, you can be assured that my office will enforce the law as written with no political agenda.

Because I’m not a politician, I’m at a disadvantage as a candidate. Kim Foxx is backed by wealthy and powerful special interests who benefit from her continuing reign of corruption. That’s why I need your support. Together, we can take on the corrupt politicians and bring justice to Cook County.