O’Brien Makes his Case Alongside Hockey Hall of Famer Chris Chelios

Chelios: Chicago is a world-class city known for its legendary architecture, magnificent restaurants, and sports legends. Hi, I’m Chris Chelios, hall of fame defenseman and proud Chicago native. Our city has many wonderful things to offer, but sadly it has also become known for rampant crime and violence. This election, it’s time to make a change. We need a Cook County State’s Attorney who will restore safety to our neighborhoods, we have that in Judge Pat O’Brien.

O’Brien: Thanks, Chris. I am running for state’s attorney to restore honesty and integrity to our criminal justice system. I will be a strong voice for victims and will crackdown on violent criminals and repeat offenders. You are right Chris; Chicago is a world-class city and everyone who lives here deserves to feel safe and protected.

Chelios: So everyone in Chicago and all of Cook County, let’s restore security to our families, friends, neighborhoods, and businesses. Enough is enough. Vote for Pat O’Brien, state’s attorney.

Quote from Judge Pat O’Brien
“As we head into the last full week of this campaign, we have all the momentum and feel great about where we are heading come Election Day. I’m deeply appreciative of the radio spot that Chris Chelios agreed to cut for my campaign. As we have been for a year now, my campaign will continue to raise money to stay up on radio, broadcast, cable, and digital through Election Day. My team of volunteers is busy making phone calls, texting voters, and getting out our message of bringing justice and integrity to Cook County. And from what voters are telling us, that message is resonating.”