With under 40 days until the election, Kim Foxx finds herself on the defensive. Pat O’Brien is well on his way to becoming our next Cook County State’s Attorney and bringing justice and integrity to Cook County.

Last week we talked about Pat’s extraordinarily successful debate with Kim Foxx before the Daily Herald Editorial Board. This week, the Daily Herald weighed in on the race and came out with a full-throated endorsement of Pat!

“…We believe Republican Patrick W. “Pat” O’Brien of Chicago offers the best hope to provide justice that is fair to both crime victims and the accused.

Incumbent Kim Foxx of Flossmoor is doing her best to portray him as a Trumpian reactionary, but that is far from the case. O’Brien is an apolitical former judge, former assistant state’s attorney, former assistant attorney general, and criminal defense attorney.

That broad array of experience in legal affairs is far more extensive, and provides him with the benefit of a far greater variation of perspectives on the process, than Foxx’s resume brings her.

O’Brien promises to prioritize prosecution of violent crime, to target gangs, guns and drugs. He vows also to keep politics and political agendas out of the office, to oversee an office run with integrity and focused on justice as its single mission.”

Read the full endorsement article here.