With less than 25 days until the election, the media is quickly turning on Kim Foxx. Her unwillingness to debate Pat O’Brien shows she makes no effort to be transparent and is unwilling to be held accountable for her actions as Cook County State’s Attorney. Look at these latest headlines from the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business.

Read the full Chicago Tribune article here.
Read the full Chicago Sun-Times article here.
Read the full Crain’s Chicago Business article here.

Pat was looking forward to a respectful debate with Ms. Foxx on the issues on ABC 7/Univision with the League of Women Voters, but Foxx canceled. We were also looking forward to a respectful dialog at WTTW, but Kim Foxx canceled that too and now only speaks through a spokesperson. Cook County residents deserve better! It is another sad day in Cook County when yet another elected official, Kim Foxx, refuses to be held accountable.

Cook County needs a State’s Attorney who will advocate for the families of victims, like Police Officer Mannie Rodriguez, who was killed by a drunk driver in a head on motor vehicle collision. Kim Foxx offered a sweetheart plea deal–she reduced the reckless homicide charge to a misdemeanor and gave the defendant 24 months of probation for killing an off-duty police officer.

Watch how Kim Foxx has failed the Rodriguez family at the video below or by clicking here.


Read the full Chicago Sun-Times article here.

It’s time to Fire Kim Foxx!