As we head into the final stretch of the campaign, momentum is on our side! Records show that our campaign outraised Kim Foxx by nearly double during the third quarter fundraising period! What that means is people from every corner of Cook County realize it’s time to Fire Kim Foxx and are supporting our campaign.

If the fundraising numbers aren’t enough to show that momentum is on our side, take a look at the depth and range of retired judges, former Cook County State’s Attorneys, elected officials, and organizations who have endorsed Pat for State’s Attorney.

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Retired Judges

  • Wayne Anderson
  • Mark Ballard
  • Robert Bertucci
  • Robert Boharic
  • Thomas Fecorrota
  • Garritt Howard
  • Jack Hynes
  • Larry O’Gara
  • Pam Karahalios
  • Lynne Kawamoto
  • Randye Kogan
  • William Kunkle
  • James McGing
  • Colleen McSweeney Moore
  • Wayne Meyer
  • John Morrissey
  • Sheila O’Brien
  • Jesse Prince
  • George Scully
  • John Tourtelot
  • William O’Brien
  • Lauretta Wolfson


  • River Grove Mayor David Guerin
  • Palos Hills Alderman Joseph Marrotta
  • Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak
  • Hickory Hills Alderman Patrick Purtill


  • American Middle East Voter’s Alliance
  • Chicago Police Sergeants
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Firefighters Local 2
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Italian American Political Coalition
  • Polish American Police Association
  • The Daily Herald
  • United Hellenic Voters of America

Former Cook County State’s Attorney

  • Patrick Brady
  • Sally Bray
  • Ray Brogan
  • Robert Buckley
  • Patrick A. Casey
  • Thomas E. Epach Jr.
  • Sabra Ebersole
  • Veryl Gambino
  • Raymond P. Garza
  • Paul Gridelli
  • Cathy Hufford
  • Laura Lambur Hynes
  • Michael J. Kelly
  • Dan Kirk
  • Bill Kopec
  • David Lavin
  • Rich Lovell
  • Mary Ryan Norwell
  • Johnny Malevitis
  • Carol Mengel Mavrakis
  • Michael G. Miller
  • Jerome F. Marconi
  • Jim Molly
  • Mary Kay Moore
  • Donna More
  • Thomas P. Needham
  • Scott Nelson
  • Kim Novi
  • Dave O’Connor
  • Sharon Oprysek
  • Edward J. Ozog
  • Joan Pernecke
  • Anthony Petrone
  • Cathy Pilkington
  • Mark Rackoczy
  • Luann Snow
  • George Velcich