Campaign Platform

Campaign Platform


Restoring Integrity & Order

I am running for Cook County State’s Attorney to reverse the ineffective and corrupt policies of current Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. We can no longer protect the criminal at the expense of the law-abiding citizens of Cook County.

I pledge that the State’s Attorney’s Office will be professional, apolitical, and committed to the safety of the People of Cook County.

Professionalism demands that all Assistant State’s Attorneys understand they are to enforce the criminal statutes without regard to the power or political influence of outside forces. This Office is unique in that the decisions to charge and prosecute violations of the law are not made based on an individual’s social standing, economic status, or political clout. The public may, on occasion,disagree with a decision or an outcome of a case;however,they must be confident that the decision was made based only on the law and facts.

The State’s Attorney’s Office needs to be apolitical because people, even other elected officials,may have an agenda which is at odds with the State’s Attorney’s oath to enforce the Illinois criminal statutes. The State’s Attorney is the sole County Official with the duty to prosecute people who break the law. A prosecutor’s decisions shaped by a social,economic, or political agenda, and not the law, corrupts the integrity of the State’s Attorney Office. This has happened time and time again under the reign of Kim Foxx.

Finally, the State’s Attorney must be committed to the safety of the community.

There must be a laser focus on the following:

1. Target gangs, guns, and drugs: It is our mission to free neighborhoods from their grip.

2. Enforce the criminal statutes, as written, not with political agendas.

3. Vigorously pursue criminal cases to their resolution.

4. Where convictions occur,recommend sentences which consider the Defendant’s past and present harm caused.

5. Educate and connect with the community by sending Assistant State’s Attorneys throughout Cook County to visit schools, beginning with grade schools.

6. Closely monitor Defendants who are awaiting trial while on bond or electronic monitoring to ensure their compliance with bond conditions. Where appropriate, increase those conditions if violations occur.

7. Act consistently with the State’s Attorney Oath of Office without apology.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is in a state of disarray. Criminals are free, and law-abiding citizens are prisoners in their homes. The Cook County State’s Attorney needs to change, and I am the leader that offers that change to Restore Integrity and Order in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Oath of Office:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be), that I willsupport theconstitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Illinois, and that I willfaithfully discharge the duties of the office of state's attorney according to the best of my ability.”