Dear Friend,

I hope this note finds you and your family well, and I hope you’re all staying safe. As I continue my campaign for Cook County State’s Attorney, I want to bring to your attention to an article that appeared in today’s Chicago Tribune written by columnist John Kass (CLICK TO VIEW) regarding the investigation of Kim Foxx in connection with her gross mismanagement of the notorious Jussie Smollett case.

As Mr. Kass points out, it has been nearly one year since Dan Webb was named special prosecutor to investigate Foxx and her unethical, and potentially criminal, conduct in this case. Absent a report by the appointed and county-funded special prosecutor, the voters of Cook County will not have the full picture of the level of misconduct by Foxx that actually transpired prior to casting their ballots in the November 3 General Election.

On September 24, early voting will commence in Cook County and I believe very strongly that voters deserve to know if they are going to be voting for a State’s Attorney who is under criminal indictment for official misconduct.

I bring this to your attention for several reasons, the first being that I hope you will share it with your friends and colleagues to spread the word about this outrageous state of affairs. Secondly, I hope it is crystal clear to you that we need wholesale change in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to help crack-down on the unacceptable gang and gun violence in Chicago and our suburbs. Under Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney’s office has lacked professionalism, integrity, and completely ignored public safety. As your next State’s Attorney, professionalism, integrity, and public safety will be the focal point of my administration.

As you can imagine, it is no easy feat to take on the Democratic Party establishment in Cook County as a Republican candidate. I cannot be successful in this race if I am not able to raise the funds necessary to get campaign commercials up on television and to compete with a candidate who is extremely well-funded by the Cook County Democratic Machine and a vast array of special interests and dark money.

I ask for your support with a donation to my campaign to enable me continue to fight in this race and help rescue the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office from this unqualified, irresponsible, and incompetent politician.


Judge Pat O’Brien