Chicago, IL – As of May 31, Chicago shootings in 2020 have already surpassed 2019’s total count. This weekend, lawful protesters and rioters bent upon causing destruction and mayhem have taken over the streets of Chicago. Kim Foxx admitted she has not been to her office downtown since March 18, 2020. Kim Foxx has been AWOL.

Foxx continues to prove she is unable or unwilling to fulfill her duties as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Cook County.

Lawful protests against the actions of police in Minneapolis, stemming from the death of George Floyd, have occupied all of our attention this week. What happened in Minneapolis is revolting and deserves universal condemnation.

At the same time, under the guise of those lawful protests, groups of people have destroyed and looted Chicago’s Downtown and cities across the country. These violent criminals are also revolting and deserve universal condemnation.

It falls upon the shoulders of Foxx as State’s Attorney to charge and recommend bail for these looters and violent offenders. Foxx was speaking on television today (Sunday) and claimed, “We are working with our partners the Chicago police department” to combat this lawlessness.

At that exact moment, her office, at her direction, was recommending releases on signature bonds for defendants arrested on Saturday and charged with felony looting and battery to a police officer. These defendants were released, without paying any actual money, by merely signing a statement saying that they will come to court.

Kim Foxx — do your job. Do what you were elected to do. It’s been three years, and it’s about time you start fulfilling your duty. Charging defendants with rioting and battery of police officers on Saturday, then releasing them on signature bond Sunday, is unconscionable. Will the police be facing the same people today whom they arrested yesterday? I think we all know the likely answer to that question.

– Judge Pat O’Brien